Your house contains a hidden threat that you might not even be aware of. Lint from a dryer that catches fire might cause harm to your house.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, almost 3,500 residential clothes dryer fires are reported each year. Five people perished in these fires, 100 were hurt, and $40 million worth of property was destroyed. The biggest cause of dryer fires, accounting for 36% of these fires, is failure to clean the dryer. Winter and fall are the peak seasons for home fires, with January being the most active. You shouldn’t put off getting your dryer ducts cleaned until the fall or winter.

How Does Dryer Lint Increase the Risk of Fire?


The dryer’s airflow is impeded when the system is sufficiently clogged with lint. The dryer overheats as a result. Lint quickly catches fire when there is enough heat, therefore too much heat in the dryer could cause it to burn. Lint can ignite quickly if there is too much lint in the dryer and it comes into touch with a heating element. If more lint catches fire, it might burn the timber framework of your house’s walls and laundry room.

How Frequently Should You Clean Your Dryer Vents?


The frequency of dryer duct cleanings is determined by a number of variables. The first factor is how frequently you use the machine. In comparison to using the dryer 10 times per week, you need to clean the dryer duct and vent less frequently if you only use it three times each week. In general, aim to clean the dryer duct no less frequently than every year, even though the perfect would be two times a year.

How Do You Know When to Clean Your Dryer Ducts?

Use these simple guidelines to determine whether you require dryer duct cleaning. Take a look at the vent outdoors. When your dryer is operating, can you feel air blowing out from it? If not, there is too much lint inside the vent, clogging it. Get your dryer duct cleaned as soon as you can. You run a higher danger of a dryer lint fire if your dryer duct is more than 25 feet long if it’s flexible and composed of plastic or foil. At least once every few months, have this checked. Watch how long it takes for the clothing to dry. Even when your dryer functions perfectly, if the procedure takes longer than usual, it may be time for a dryer duct cleaning.

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