Heat wave home

The DMV region was not spared by the heat wave that made July the warmest month so far. Fighting the heat involves several crucial factors, but let’s concentrate on the ones that affect our homes. Is your AC system prepared?

During heat waves, air conditioners operate longer cooling cycles and harder. Under these circumstances, some essential AC components are subjected to extraordinarily high operating temperatures and significant wear and tear. Here are some steps you can do to get your central air conditioning system ready for an eventual heat wave.

  • Plan professional preventive maintenance for your AC every year. A trained HVAC contractor’s AC inspection and tune-up helps your system operate at its best and identifies any weak points that could develop into significant issues in the event of extreme weather with high temperatures.
  • Make sure there are no obstacles, such as spreading bushes or other vegetation that prevent efficient air circulation into and out of the unit, on the central air conditioner’s exterior. This aids in the effective distribution of heat extracted by your device.
  • Improve airflow. Consult a qualified HVAC contractor for information on the system air filter and the recommended time frame for replacement. The system can better handle the cooling load and heat removal from the house with a clean filter.
  • Maintain sensible thermostat settings. Indoor temperatures can be kept around 20 degrees lower than the outside temperature with a properly maintained residential central air conditioner. Unreasonably low-temperature settings force the AC to run practically continually, putting it in danger of damage while doing little to chill the house.
  • Get your air ducts cleaned! Maintaining the cleanliness of your coils and ducts is among the most crucial things. It will reduce energy usage and ensure you breathe risk-free pure air. Maintaining a healthy and clean house is crucial to staying safe.

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