Beware if you’ve ever seen an email or advertisement offering an extraordinarily low price for air duct cleaning; it might be a scam. If it sounds too good to be true, you might be wondering “Is a professional air duct cleaning service just $99? “. Just to be clear, the answer is no. A company could only charge you that little and remain in business by attempting to clean a few vents and billing the service as full cleaning. This is not what you want in your home or business property.

You already know that any professional service call, such as an electrician or a plumber, will cost you at least $40 to $80, if not $99 total. When you see an advertisement for a company that claims to offer full service or air duct cleaning for such a low price, don’t waste your time working with them. All they’ll say is that it costs $99 plus additional fees per vent or some other pricing structure that was either in the small print or wasn’t even mentioned in the print at all!

A Complete Cost Analysis of Air Duct Cleaning

To clean your air ducts, a qualified business will charge you in several different ways. These fees include the following:

  • As for each system, vent, and return
  • By the number of systems.
  • The first system with a predetermined number of returns and vents is available for a predetermined charge. Costs associated with additional vents, returns, and systems.
  • Based on the size of your home in square feet

You should anticipate paying between $300 to $1,000 for a mid-sized home with one to two AC units, while the price varies based on the company and where you live. The cost is also impacted by the size and quantity of vents in your house.

Before the company arrives, you should ask for an estimate to guarantee that you receive the finest pricing and service. Find out whether they will promise that the quote won’t alter unless the source is unreliable.

All of our rates are flat and we are straightforward and transparent. You’ll always understand what you’re purchasing. Even while the price may not be the lowest on the market, you will still receive the highest quality service for your money.

To arrange a service with qualified experts, contact us and schedule your appointment – you can trust us to make your home clean and safe.