In the home improvement and repair industry, most contractors uphold moral and honest standards. Air duct cleaning is not immune to scammers searching for opportunities to cheat homeowners, though, just like any other industry. Many dishonest service providers on the market are willing to defraud homeowners.

Homeowners should be cautious of so-called “blow-and-go” firms, especially when it comes to air duct cleaning since they can deceive naive households with incredibly low prices like “$99 whole-house specials.” It’s a popular marketing tactic. These companies do poor work, clean only what the homeowner can see, charge pitiful prices, and leave contaminants and dirt in the system’s deepest recesses. The homeowner is then persuaded to pay for services that are not necessary by these dishonest contractors’ repeated upselling of add-on services. For instance, they could use fear to convince a homeowner that urgent repairs are necessary or deceive them into believing that mold or other dangerous materials are present in their HVAC systems.

As a homeowner, you may take efforts to prevent being a victim of dishonest tactics by being aware of the warning indications of a scam. Avoid the following prevalent con games:

Low prices: It’s not true that reputable companies never provide discounts or special pricing, but it is important to be aware of companies that advertise services at ridiculously low prices. Do not take advantage of specials like $99 for “whole house air duct cleaning” or “HVAC mold and soot removal.”

Pressure to Decide Immediately: A trustworthy company won’t put any pressure on you to make a decision immediately away. Professional contractors understand that home renovation services are an expensive investment and are understanding if you need a few days to consider your options.

Convince the Homeowner of Unexpected difficulties: Surprising difficulties might occasionally occur but be aware if your contractor starts seeking reasons to charge more. Make sure everything is documented and consider getting a second opinion if the price rises to raise your doubts.

Beware of contractors that come to your home and claim they were “just in the neighborhood.” An established firm will generate revenue from referrals or ads. Door-to-door solicitation of employment is a certain fraudster red flag.

Request Full Payment Up Front or Only Accept Cash: While it’s feasible that a modest down payment may be required, requesting full payment upfront raises serious concerns. A good business will demand that the majority of the service’s cost be paid after the task is finished.

As with most other products and services, cheaper is rarely better when it comes to cleaning air ducts. Even the most seasoned deal hunters are aware that saving money might sometimes be preferable to investing money. Air duct cleaning is not cheap, but it’s also not outrageously costly (when done properly).
As a result, when advertisements for air duct cleaning bargains appear in your mailbox and seem too good to be true, they probably are! When lured by discounts and flyers providing ridiculously low prices and the chance to check off one of those arduous tasks on your to-do list, it’s easy to jump at what appears to be a great deal. But before you make a decision, pause to think about whether the deal will ultimately save you money or end up costing you more.

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