Winter is here!

It’s time to turn on your heater to warm up your home.

Don’t neglect your HVAC unit as turning on the heating can cause numerous issues.

To avoid your HVAC problems get regular maintenance done by professionals for your HVAC system. 

Here are five reasons why HVAC maintenance is important during the winter.

1. Better Indoor Air Quality

Maintenance of your HVAC system by a licensed technician twice a year ensures that you have clear vents and air filters so you’re not breathing in old dust and other allergens.

Pollutants like dust, pollen and pet dander lower the quality of your home’s indoor air and decrease your overall health. You are more likely to fall ill, develop allergies or asthma and experience eye, throat or sinus irritation. 

You will get some fresh air by opening the windows during the summer, but since you’re breathing more circulated air during the winter, regular maintenance of your HVAC system is essential for good air quality. 


2. Reduce risk of Unexpected Breakdowns

Maintenance is a budget friendly, predictable investment. It is more affordable to catch the problems in the early stage, rather than dealing with unexpected HVAC System Breakdowns.

Your HVAC system will sooner or later run into some issues due to wear and tear or infrequent usage. With regular maintenance, the HVAC experts can prevent problems from forming in the first place. 

This way you can reduce fire risk or prevent ventilation clogging, remedying the issues before they lead to mid-season breakdowns and costly repairs.


3. Longer Service Life


Routine maintenance of your HVAC Unit promotes season after season of reliable performance, adding years to your system’s lifespan and allowing you to go longer before replacing it. 

Give your HVAC Unit a longer lifetime with regular HVAC professional maintenance of your heating and AC. Our HVAC professionals will fix issues while they’re still small. Carrying out minor repairs limits the wear and tear on your HVAC Unit. 

An HVAC system that receives professional maintenance twice a year can last twice as long as one that doesn’t. When units run smoothly, they last longer.


4. Lower Energy Bills

Keeping HVAC units properly maintained results in improved energy efficiency. 

Well-maintained systems can cut energy costs by as much as 40%. However, lack of maintenance can increase energy usage by up to 60%. Simply changing the filter can reduce energy consumption by as much as 15%. 

You don’t really want to be paying more than necessary. Using less energy results in lower utility bills and puts more money in your pocket.

During winter, you can count on running your HVAC unit pretty much constantly. Invest in maintenance and rest assured that your system performs at its peak when it’s clean, oiled, and tuned up. Your bank account will thank you later.

No one wants to pay more than necessary to heat their home.


5. Escape Emergency Repairs

Make sure your HVAC Unit is operating properly, especially if you never had maintenance. You don’t want to be surprised in the dead of winter or boiling summer.

Regular maintenance of your HVAC system gives you peace of mind while you and your family enjoy the comfort of your house knowing that your HVAC Unit is well maintained and operating properly.

But don’t forget it is just as important to prepare for winter as much as before summer heats so you can relax indoors anytime!

Plan your HVAC maintenance on time!