When Should You Consider Cleaning Your Air Ducts?

There are many viewpoints on how frequently one should clean their air ducts. Check your air vents for evidence of dust and mold development before deciding whether or not to have them cleaned. Examine the vents in your home to ensure they are clean and clear of dust. If there is dust on the vents, it could also indicate dust in your ducting.

Dust and debris from a recent home renovation

Depending on how meticulous the contractor is, every house repair involves some sort of mess. Though there are many other types of construction dust, the most frequent in a house restoration is from wood and sheetrock. Depending on the weather, the builder will make the most of their cuts outside the home, but construction dust will still be transported into the living area. Sawdust can then enter your ducts and vents by falling into or being sucked into the HVAC system. After a home remodeling, regardless of how it got there, one should have their air ducts cleaned. The last thing you want is to enjoy your new living space only to be surrounded by a strong odor of sawdust. Aside from the inconvenience, the toxic chemicals used to cure the wood may have an impact on people’s health. As an organic product, wood should have little effect on a human’s respiratory system. The dust can be harmful to a person’s respiratory health only after the wood has been treated for waterproofing and strength.

Moving into a home where a smoker lived

There are instances when you should consider hiring a licensed specialist to clean your ducts. In this particular case, the new owners should remove all carpets, paint the walls, and thoroughly clean the floors. If not adequately treated, the unpleasant odor of smoking can remain in your air vents.

Moving into a new home where the pets lived

Just so you know, HVAC air duct cleaners have nothing against pets. Many of them are pet owners. However, several new homeowners do not own pets and are unaware of the damage they can cause to a home’s air ducts. When a pet’s fur sheds, it can be drawn into the air blower and circulated with the conditioned air. It should get caught in the air blower’s air filter most of the time, although this is not always the case. On top of that, there are the rare mishaps that occur throughout the living area and become a part of the home. When purchasing a home where a pet previously resided, it is advised that the air ducts be cleaned to remove all pet hair that has gathered there over time.

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