The HVAC system in every home follows the same rules of operation. Any homeowner who comprehends these basic principles will feel content that they have a deeper understanding of their home. even the interior of the house, which they are unable to see. Your HVAC system is warning you that a filter is insufficient and that it’s time to clean your ducts if your house is continually covered with dust.

How is your HVAC system set up?

Firstly, your air handling unit forces air into your room through your ducts after pulling it from the outside. After passing through your room, the air is forced back into the return duct. The remaining air is circulated, mixed with outside air, and pulled by the AHU before being pumped back into the room as supply air. Some of the air is expelled as exhaust air. Recirculated air and outdoor air are both used as the supply air. It is a combination because using some air from the room rather than all outside air makes it more effective to get your air to the proper temperature.

For your air ducts, what does the airflow mean?

Particles enter the return vent with the air that is drawn from your room. Skin, dirt, pet dander, and bacteria. Filters in your ducts keep unwanted material from passing through. No filter, nevertheless, can totally block the passage of these particles. These particles can clog the duct and even recirculate it back into your room through the supply duct, leaving a persistent layer of dust on the surface of your room.

What to do if you constantly have a layer of dust

Your air ducts need cleaning if there is a persistent layer of dust covering your house. The level of cleaning required will depend on how long it has been. Your HVAC system will function better and will be recirculating clean air from your supply duct once your air ducts have been thoroughly cleaned.

Do you need your air ducts cleaned?

We have a representative available Monday through Sunday from 7am to 7pm if you have any concerns about our services or want to move forward with cleaning your air ducts. Do you have any questions about working for Air Duct Cleaning LLC? See why we are the finest in the DMV area by reading our reviews!