You surely already know how important it is to have routine maintenance done on your air conditioner if you’re in charge of making sure it’s in functioning order in your home or place of business. You may have also heard mention of cleaning the AC coils as part of routine maintenance. But if you don’t know anything about air conditioning, it could be confusing. This is why we are here to assist.

Why is it so important to clean an AC coil? 

Because coils covered with dust and debris cannot effectively conduct heat. Numerous problems, including increased energy use, system overheating, and compressor failure, could arise as a result of this. For the coils to transfer heat effectively, the surfaces must be clean. When the condenser coil’s outside is covered in dirt and grime, heat is trapped inside and cannot be efficiently discharged. The evaporator coil is inside, yet the dust from your building still gets to it. Particularly if you neglect to clean the air filters frequently, it is simple for airborne particles to clog up the evaporator coil, preventing it from chilling as efficiently.

What happens if your AC coils aren’t cleaned

You probably don’t check your air conditioner regularly enough. But if it’s out in the open, look at the coil. If you haven’t had the unit cleaned in a long, it must be a horrible sight. especially given that this equipment affects the quality of the air you breathe throughout the day.

Apart from the fact that your air conditioner won’t cool your space as effectively, dirty coils have other effects. Neglecting coils can lead to increased energy expenses, more malfunctions, and a shorter lifespan for the system.

Can I take care of a coil on my own?

Due to their fragility, coil fins are easily damaged while cleaning AC coils with aggressive cleaning solutions, too much force, or abrasion. The risk of electric shock and fire is also present while handling potentially harmful chemicals, especially for people who lack the necessary education. It is best to delegate this duty to the professionals.

You can get your money back by cleaning your AC coils.

When you consider all the things that could go wrong with your air conditioner if you neglect AC coil cleaning, it’s an affordable insurance policy. The cost of cleaning the AC coils is more than made up for by regular preventative maintenance, energy savings, lower repair costs, and a longer system lifespan. And it doesn’t even take into account the possibility of business loss that could happen if your system is down or the increase in productivity that results from having appropriate air temperatures.

We specialize in coil and air duct cleaning for both residential and commercial properties. Get in contact with us if you want the best service possible and make sure you hired experts.