We know that you take great care about your ductwork, but did you know that bacteria, viruses and germs can be found even in the freshly cleaned vents? Some of those microorganisms can cause very unpleasant smells and make your home uncomfortable place to be. That’s why odor kill is the essential service for you to get 100% fresh air scent.

Clean and deodorized ductwork is crucial for your house to feel like home! Using our odor kill service, you can guarantee yourself fresh, safe and clean air.

Odor kill we use gets aerosolized into tiny droplets and ensures you a complete coating on every surface of your ducts. It dries very fast and leaves your vents fresh and odor free. This very powerful deodorizer has the ability to kill even the strongest smells!

Our company is using non-toxic chemicals, which are absolutely safe for people and pets as well! We provide you with maximum protection with no risks for your health.

Give us a call and schedule yourself an air duct cleaning appointment with additional odor kill service. You can count on us to make sure your home is fresh, healthy, clean and safe place!