Your air conditioner’s power use may be a significant and unpredictably expensive expense, as anybody who has experienced a summertime spike in their energy bill will attest. You can start by looking at your AC unit’s power rating, which will show you how much electricity it consumes under ideal circumstances (see the label on the condensing unit), to try and understand your costs. Conditions are rarely that consistent in real life.

Your area’s layout, the air ducts’ design, the airtightness of the space, the age and condition of the unit, and course the weather all have an impact on how efficient and how much electricity your air conditioner uses. Because of this, estimating your spending is never a precise science.

Few ways to reduce your AC energy costs:

Increase the temperature by one degree.

Could you distinguish between a room that was set at 71 degrees and one that was set at 72 degrees? Most folks couldn’t either. So, if you’re attempting to spend less energy, try raising the temperature on your thermostat by just one degree. Your AC will use less power and run less frequently as a result. You will develop the habit of being aware of the temperature your thermostat is set to by doing this technique. Since the power consumption of an air conditioner rises significantly for every degree the outside temperature rises, these seemingly insignificant adjustments will eventually add up.

Clear the airflow and keep the ducts clean.

If your AC isn’t fighting against clogged airflow and unclean vents, it will use less energy. Cleaning the ducts and vents will improve the efficiency of your air conditioner. Make sure the vents are not also blocked by your furniture and room arrangement.

Plan routine maintenance visits

You would realize the need for routine maintenance if you could see what HVAC experts encounter when they arrive to repair a neglected air conditioner. Your system will operate more effectively and consume less electricity if the parts are cleaned, the electrical connections are fixed, and worn-out components are replaced. In fact, according to research, routine maintenance can keep your air conditioner’s efficiency at up to 95% of its pre-maintenance level.

Change your air filters

You would not imagine that a clogged air conditioner filter could increase the amount of energy your air conditioner uses. However, a blocked filter is similar to a clogged sink; while something may be passing through, it will function much more efficiently if it is clear. Filters can clog up with dust, and if they’re overflowing, dust will collect on fans and motors and slow down your system, making it operate longer and consume more power

The most crucial aspect of your house maintenance is having clean air ducts. You can keep your family and loved ones safe and healthy by keeping your vents clean. Clean air vents and new filters not only improve your health but also reduce your energy costs. 

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