We’ve all learned how important it is to clean your dryer vent to avoid dryer fires. However, many homeowners fail to clear the lint traps, which if not cleaned after each drying cycle can cause significant damage to your dryer machine. We’ll discuss the major difference between a dryer vent and a dryer lint trap so you can be confident your dryer vent is working properly.

Many of us use our clothes dryers frequently throughout the week, but not everyone knows the need to clean the dryer vent. This is usually due to people confusing the lint trap with the dryer vent. Though both the lint trap and the dryer vent must be cleaned, they couldn’t be more different.

Lint Trap

The dryer’s lint trap should be considered its primary line of defense against lint accumulation. Usually, it is well-marked and simple to find. It is typically found on the dryer or directly inside the door. Before it enters your dryer vent, the bulk of the lint from your laundry is captured in a lint trap. After using the dryer, the lint trap needs to be cleaned out.

Dryer vent

The vent for your dryer, on the other hand, is situated behind your dryer and is attached to it by a flexible silver duct. The exhaust vent or ducting system that moves the heat from your dryer outside of your house is called a dryer vent. Even if you are diligent about regularly cleaning your lint catcher, lint from your laundry might sneak past the lint catcher during the dryer cycle and start to build up in your dryer vent. The accumulation of lint can block your vent in roughly a year (or occasionally less). A blocked dryer vent can result in energy waste, longer drying times, and even fires! The fire department advises cleaning your dryer vent at least once a year because of this. We advise hiring a professional dryer vent cleaner if you don’t know how to clean it or don’t have the right tools.

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