We are all aware of the significance of clean air. Vent cleaning is essential for maintaining a safe home. Do you know what could be even more harmful to your health and the well-being of your loved ones than dirty vents? Moldy vents.

You’re putting yourself in a potentially dangerous scenario if you’ve been skipping out on routine AC maintenance. Your chance of being contaminated by mold and disease-causing bacteria, such as the legionella bacteria that cause Legionnaire’s disease, changes with changes in temperature and humidity. So, to sum up: Can air conditioning make you sick? The answer is YES if your system is not regularly cleaned and maintained.

Mold builds up in the cooling tower when it is not cleaned regularly. The tower’s warm water makes it the ideal environment for bacteria to flourish. The germs become airborne and transmit disease among the building’s occupants as your building’s air conditioning and ventilation system circulates air from the cooling tower throughout it. By cleaning the cooling tower to get rid of mold and stop the growth of bacteria, you can keep your building free of infectious diseases and mold from the air conditioner.

With a thorough maintenance schedule, you can beat the heat and keep an eye on mold and bacteria growth in your air conditioner. In addition to your health and safety risks, putting off this work increases your risk of equipment failure and energy expenditures. Isn’t it time you sought the advice of the professionals and checked this task off your list?

We are not mold specialists, and we cannot promise to remove mold, but we are experts in air duct cleaning, and having clean vents can help you avoid mold growth. We include sanitation as part of every air duct cleaning service package at no additional cost to you. Sanitizer keeps your vents clean and prevents mold growth by eradicating bacteria, viruses, germs, and mold spores.

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